Break Free

by Everett James

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Its much more than physical.
Can't get you out my mental.
You come to me in my dreams
when I awake things ain't how they seem.
Tired of the all silly games
trying to pretend like this is how is supposed to be.
I know theres levels to this
but I made up my mind its time to break free

And theres no holding me
and theres no stoping me
cause I made up my mind
and now its time to break free.

Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.
Illusions like make believe.
I ask the lord for signs to see
when the truth could be right in front of me.
The truth can be plain as day
so I blaze to make the pain fade away
up in a cloud of smoke
push on to tomorrow

and there no stoping me
and theres no holding
cause I made up my mind
now its time to break free.

Quick to classify build me up just to crusify me.
Don't you know we are free
at least in our minds if we want to be
I ask myself who am I
We can make it if we try.
Burning down all the lies.
Can you see the fire in my eyes?

And theres no holding me
And theres no stopping me
cause I made up my mind
and now its time to break free.


released August 22, 2015
written, produced, performed and engineered by Everett James Harrell for 735 Music @ Electronika Studios ATL. ©2015 All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


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