Lover Boy

by Everett James



When I first started writing and producing music we were dead in the middle of the gangster rap era. I remember working with MC's and it was all about being hardcore. When I would write love songs and the homies would clown me. One MC in particular would call me "Lover Boy" and tease me saying, "one day you going to be an R&B singer". I'd laugh it off but love has always been one of the topics I revisit time and time again as I evolve as a man.

Over the past year I found myself really exploring the topic with a different mindset. I guess you can call it a deeper understanding with wisdom. I think heartbreak, lust, passion, romance, and all the other feelings that come with love are essential. You have to experience and express these feelings. Its what makes humanity different from all other creatures on earth. The ability to love is sacred.

These songs are metaphors straight from the heart. They are personal and have lived with me for the past year. I am opening my heart and sharing them with you.


released February 14, 2016

all songs written, produced, engineered, and performed by Everett James for 735 Music @ Electronika Studios ATL ©2016 All Rights Reserved



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Everett James Atlanta

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Track Name: Weekend Love (Hanging On)
Oh girl its Friday
could be you and I day
why don't we get together for the weekend
We can ride maybe get high
see the world or just sit back
sometimes you may need to relax...

Like a puppet on a string
i'll do anything
hanging by a thread

Saturday still kicking it
never knew how good it could get
when i'm swimming in your ocean
oh my...
how you feel laying next to me
oooh girl pure ecstasy
how in the world did you get inside my head...

Like a puppet on a string
I'll do anything
Hanging by a thread
Track Name: Break Free
Its much more than physical.
Can't get you out my mental.
You come to me in my dreams
when I awake things ain't how they seem.
Tired of the all silly games
trying to pretend like this is how is supposed to be.
I know theres levels to this
but I made up my mind its time to break free

And theres no holding me
and theres no stoping me
cause I made up my mind
and now its time to break free.

Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.
Illusions like make believe.
I ask the lord for signs to see
when the truth could be right in front of me.
The truth can be plain as day
so I blaze to make the pain fade away
up in a cloud of smoke
push on to tomorrow

and there no stoping me
and theres no holding
cause I made up my mind
now its time to break free.

Quick to classify build me up just to crusify me.
Don't you know we are free
at least in our minds if we want to be
I ask myself who am I
We can make it if we try.
Burning down all the lies.
Can you see the fire in my eyes?

And theres no holding me
And theres no stopping me
cause I made up my mind
and now its time to break free.