Riding Through The Night

by Everett James



Its time to RIDE


Seen too many slaughtered in the streets
all we want is food to eat.
To make it out the ghetto.
The unwanted. Where can we go?
Amerika, home of the free?
All I see is crime in my city.
Ignore the truth what a pitty
so we ride on haters who's with me?

Ridin' through the night.

Shots ring through the air
on the streets with out a care.
5.0. don't give a f*ck!
Probably set the whole thing up!
Most out for a fast buck
rollin tripple 7's come on lady luck.
On the edge like a razor.
Going from minor to major.

Ridin' through the night


released August 4, 2015
written, produced, performed, and engineered by Everett James for 735 Music @ Electronika Studios ATL. ©2015 All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Everett James Atlanta

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